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About Us

 Community. Commitment. Transformation. Integrity


The New Body Project is Brooklyn’s 1st and ONLY all-women’s boot camp studio. We truly believe that once a woman puts herself first and declares she is taking her body back, all possibilities can be created.  


We want women (and individuals who identify as) to understand the importance of self-care and prioritizing their needs. As many of us play an important role in the lives of others, it is vital that our needs are met in order to provide sustainable care. 


Our studio specializes in High-Intensity Interval Training by providing weight training, strength training, cardio, nutrition guidance, and mindset coaching.

We work with women from all backgrounds, occupations, lifestyles, and fitness levels. Our family is not one size fits all - we welcome everyone. 

Once a member, our women have the opportunity to be a part of a community that genuinely cares about well-being. Members are held accountable for attending classes, maintaining their streak in one of our many fitness challenges, and achieving their fitness goals. At the start of a new month, every member has the opportunity to get weighed and measured, providing them the tools to track their progress. 

The New Body Project has transformed the culture of the fitness industry while encouraging the importance of community, commitment, transformation, integrity, and philanthropy

Her Story

Born to West African-Liberian parents, Nundiah-Danielle Edwards was raised to believe that she could do or be anything she put her mind to. At the very start of her career,  she experienced first-hand the harsh realities of pursuing a job in Corporate America. After earning her undergraduate and graduate degree with Honors, she applied to dozens of openings and not a single bite. Someone suggested she drop Nundiah and use Danielle instead – clearly a less ethnic sounding name and with this change, she was able to land a big corporate career - however, this was just the beginning.


Being a young Mother working for a company that wasn't family friendly came at great sacrifice to her physical and mental health. It was clear that staying was not an option but at the same time the market crashed and Nundiah found herself laid off. While she wanted to re-enter the workforce, this proved to be a challenge because she was NOT willing to sacrifice being a present Mom for her career.


Years later, she entered the workforce in a field she never anticipated – Fitness and Wellness. Again, not in her control, the company dissolved and her job was eliminated. As a mother of two young children – she came to a clear decision – never again would she allow someone else to be in control of her destiny and narrate her life. 


With a dream and backing of the dynamic female clients and community rallied and raised $3K for her to start her own company an this where The New Body Project was born.  This community not only to provides women with a fun fitness solution to support them in achieving their goals, but also guidance to take back the wheel of their own lives.

The New Body Project is a the cornerstone of her commitment to community, herself and her family. It exists so that she could honor what was most important to her and that is Her CHILDREN- as well as her career aspirations.

Nundiah drafted the blueprint for her own life, to forge her own path in being her own boss and living her life on her terms.


She believes her story serves as an example to young girls, woman, Moms and caretakers that there is always a way to reach your goals and pursue your dreams.


       Because there is nothing more powerful than a women determined to rise!


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