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Frequently Asked Questions


No 1.

How do I start, is the info session mandatory?


Starting with The New Body Project is really simple. The 15 min info session is mandatory. It's is a chance for us to get to know each other. We'll determine if we are a perfect fit for each other, you’ll get to know all the in’s and out’s of how the community works and hey, you're already there to try the class why not stick around to learn more about our community and joining.

No 2.

How do I sign-up for my classes after I decide to join?

It’s super easy. We will guide through the process of our booking platform on your phone. From there will send you the log-in credentials; once logged in, you can begin reserving classes. It is as easy as a click of a button.

No 3.

Is this gym only for women?


Yup! It sure is. We are an all women’s fitness studio. We do however occasionally will invite a male trainer from time to time but ALL our classes are for us girls. 

No 4.

Do you have a shower?

Unfortunately, we do not have a shower. But don’t fret, we have some goodies to help you get through the day. Our partner at Avalah supplies us with the best  natural body washes and lotions just for you. Oh yeah, I almost forgot... we have Lavender infused wash clothes to wipe the sweat away, wipes, pads, tampons, deodorant... you name it we've got you covered.

No 5.

Is it true that you workout barefoot?


Yes, we DID however, while we are transitioning  floorings, we encourage indoor sneakers or grip socks at the present moment.  We've been big on hygiene and cleanliness way before Covid-19 and would like you to think of our studio as your home. The streets in this city are disgusting, so grab a clean pair of sneakers to train in. We promote cleanliness and a part of that is not bringing street germs into your clean home.


Once we do resume back to our old ways  you'd be surprised to learn that working out barefoot has been scientifically proven assist in promoting better balance, improve muscle alignment, reduce orthopedic pain, and even lessen your chances of injury.

No 6.

Is everyone super fit and young?


Nope, not at all! The ladies that join age ranges from 16-65 years old. We're working out together to achieve the same goal - feeling fit! We take pride in being able to host all different fitness levels in the same class. If you feel you can’t do something, there is always a trainer there to help you modify. If you're looking for some dramatic transformation in a few weeks this is definitely NOT the place for you. But if your'e looking join a facility that is going to support you through a wellness journey and body positivity this is the place for you.  The transformation will come.


Listen! We are just excited that you've declared your intentions to take your body back. 

No 7.

Will I see a drastic difference if I do the 30 Days?


Drastic difference…No! But will notice your body change? Absolutely! What we promote is loving yourself and showing up to the classes. We don’t have magic pills or potions that are going to make you skinnier or stronger quickly, but  we promise that if you fill the F.T.D.I.* Prescription and attend the classes the side effect will be a total body and mindset transformation.  Remember to put yourself first for a change.


*F.T.D.I. - Follow The Damn Instructions

No 8.

Do I decide what I’m doing in class when I attend?


LOL! S.I.S* please, no way! This is what you’ve paid us for. Leave the guesswork to us. Just show up and the trainer will show you the way. Our classes change daily. Check out our sample calendar on the homepage.


*Sister In Sweat

No 9.

How late is late?


Our motto is on time is late. Because we have an intimate space, admittance is not allowed after the class has started. You will be considered a no-show. We ask that you arrive at least 5-15 minutes prior to start time; because classes begin PROMPTLY. 

It's really easy... If you don't want to held accountable, this isn't the studio for you. We heard the big box gyms won't mind taking your money while you don't show up.


No 10.

Do you have more than one location?


Not yet!  The pandemic has slowed our progress a bit, but we are confident about expansion in the near future.


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