Online Training 

        The COVID-19

      Family  Edition

As COVID-19 transforms our nation, we have been encouraged to embrace a new way of reaching out to faithful clients.


                            Introducing NewBodyLiVE® Online Training Classes

Whether you're a single person or in a household with your partner + a group of rambunctious kids we want to encourage everyone to join in on the fun too.  While we typically are a women's only kinda place, there was no way during this crisis we could leave anyone out. 

                                      "Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way!"-Notorious B.I.G


Our program has been designed to cater to everyone- from the baby to Nana, you're going to be just fine. All we ask is for your patience as we all learn to navigate this digital world together.


Here's what the family gets: 



   -  28 Bootcamp (45) Minute classes (2 CLASSES A DAY MON.WED.FRI @ 8:30AM and NOON)

   -  4 (1) Hour Yoga classes (1 CLASS A WEEK 10:00AM SUN)

   -  12 Free 10 Minute IG Live Challenge classes (3 NIGHTS A WEEK 6:00PM TUES. FRI. SAT)

   -  4 Free Saturday Family Karaoke Nights  (1 NIGHT A WEEK 8:00PM SAT)

   -  5 Day Healthy Habit Challenge Guide/ Journal 

   -  50% off The Shine App- The Self-Care App to help get you through this tough time

   -  15% off Avalah Beauty- A leader in natural skin care to help pamper and relax you at home + 

   -  10% off at Brooklyn Crepe for Fresh Juice, Salads or anything you want


                                                     ALL THIS FOR $119

                                        NO CONTRACT, NO COMMITMENT

So whatcha' waiting for ? Click the link below to JOIN.