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Join The Sisterhood

So you're ready to meet your Sister's In Sweat (S.I.S)?! Awesome!


But wait! First, let's just make sure our studio is a fit for you. 


Here at The New Body Project, we operate a little bit differently...


We have a few rules that we've proven to be successful in providing you with the results you desire. 


Our family is small and tight-knit therefore we want everyone to come in with a community mindset.

Please read & agree to our Integrity Commitments before committing to join our family.




Choose a Membership



21 Day Jump Start



We know that doing anything new can spark up some uncomfortable feelings and joining a gym can be intimidating. So if you're not quite sure about it.


That's totally fine too. 

Our 21-Day Jumpstart is exactly the same membership as the 6-month commitment without the commitment. This membership provides you with the opportunity to dip your toes in the water and see if we're a fit for each other. 


The real secret to getting in better health is super simple. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET, GET INTO A ROUTINE and be around a DOPE COMMUNITY. 


And guess what it's the same exact price. Although we call it the 21- Jumpstart you'll have 30 Days on the record to complete 21 days of training.

                               All for our GRAND RE-OPENING SALE  PRICE of $199


 It includes:


-21 Days of UNLIMITED Group Training & Supportive Community

97% of introductory clients transition from a 21-Day Jumpstart to full membership of choice. Unlimited Classes for 6 months, 5  or 9 session packs.


Disclaimer: You will be billed on the date you purchase this membership. Your membership will officially start on October 17, 2022. You will NOT be billed again unless you decide to join our studio will a full membership of choice. 




This Unlimited Bootcamp will provide you with UNLIMITED group training classes for training sessions on the schedule, you can access any class on the schedule as many times as you'd like for the month.


At The New Body Project, we wholeheartedly believe in making real lifestyle changes. The key to getting into shape or losing weight is NOT just about diet and exercise. I know it sounds crazy and goes against everything you've probably ever heard, but it's definitely REAL information.  A paradigm shift in your lifestyle will occur when you train at The New Body Project. You’ll no longer see fitness as something you’ve been afraid of or hate to do. You’ll see it as a part of life and most importantly fun! Oh, and while we will track your progress; we don't want the number on the scale to be your obsession- let's focus on HOW YOU FEEL!


Can you go up and down the subway stairs without feeling like you're about to pass out? Can you keep up with your dog at Prospect Park? Or lastly, is that beautiful kid getting older and your trips to the park suddenly feels more like a chore than fun?


Let's measure your success through REAL LIFE ACTIONS. Because the key to your success is all about COMMUNITY! 


Originally at the rate of $299, you'll be able to score this great deal at the Founding/Legacy member rate of $199+tx (that's $6.63) a day for our Re-Reopening Deal. 


But here's what our memberships will provide you:




Disclaimer: You will be billed on the date you purchase this membership. Your membership will officially start on October 17, 2022. Your next billing date will be November 15, 2022.


6 MonthUnlimited

Currently, our 2 most popular memberships are on sale (which are listed above).

Please see our membership pricing below to determine what you'd like to purchase after this sale is over.
5 session pack- $199
9 session pack- $249

Unlimited 6-month commitment-$349  this rate only applies if you commit after the sales have ended.


Become A Member

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