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Born to West African-Liberian parents, Nundiah-Danielle Edwards was raised to believe that she could do or be anything. Her parents whole-heartedly believed that the only gold and diamonds they could give her was an education. Thinking she would become a Lawyer or a Diplomat, she earned her Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies, Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from Berkeley College, and her Masters in Business Administration from American Intercontinental University.

Shortly after college, she was hired to work at a big-name bank. A few great years later, the market and her career tanked. Depressed, discouraged, and laid-off, she put on 20lbs from stress and motherhood.


After a tearful prayer to the universe, she made a declaration to lose weight and find a career path that would allow her to be a mother to her two small children. She spoke her wants into existence. She wanted to " take her kids to piano lessons, pick them up from school, lose weight, and make a little money along the way". Searching online, she saw a job ad for a fitness representative at a small studio that assisted women in taking their bodies back. Way too overweight in her mind, she applied as a joke and thought nothing of it. Little did she know, that the click of a button would transform her life forever.


She was called in for an interview and was hired immediately. The owner requested that she join the gym and be apart of the community, giving her a sense of what the culture and values were. Without fail, Nundiah-Danielle joined! She lost the weight and shortly after was hired as a Director of Membership Services and Development.


After a year of employment, she was told by her boss and mentor that the studio was shutting down. She was in complete shock. She thought to herself, “That’s NOT an option!” It was this moment that led her to the decision of starting her own business. She had no money saved but she had faith, grit and an idea! She held a meeting with the members and the community and was able to raise a little over $3K.  


With those funds, she became the Founder and CEO of The New Body Project - Brooklyn, New York's ONLY Women’s Fitness Boot Camp Studio. After two years of location hopping and being gracefully broken,  she took a leap of faith, sold her home, and acquired her new permanent location which is a stone throw away from The Barclay's Center and minutes from Manhattan.

Through dope fitness classes, unstoppable spirit, and support from the women of her community, Nundiah-Danielle and her staff succeed in transforming lives daily. Nundiah-Danielle is a product of what can be achieved when a strong community and like-minded women come together. 


Nundiah-Danielle firmly believes, “There is nothing more powerful than a woman determined to rise." -Anonymous


In her own words, "When you believe in yourself and you have a strong group of women behind you- the possibilities are endless."  

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