Rosa "The Doc" Franklin


From a young age, I’ve always been encouraged to participate in a variety of physical activities and sports. From basketball to ballet and skiing to soccer, it truly showcased the diversity of people in our society and our ability to come together to reach a common goal: becoming better. 


This led me down the path to get involved in fitness and eventually pursue an education in the doctoral field of physical therapy. As a first-time applicant to graduate schools, it took a huge shot to my ego when I was DENIED entrance into four different programs. It was then I realized that FAILURE is a part of the development and that my EFFORT in the future would be the reason I now am able to attend New York University and pursue my Doctorates of Physical Therapy degree. 


I see now that the goal in my early life was too simplified and missing a few keywords. In fact, I now stand by the following:



Within my growth mindset, I have taken it upon myself to put my effort back into my community through fitness. As a Trainer, I compassionately welcome all walks of life to join me on this route to both of us becoming the healthiest version of ourselves.


I hope to continue to motivate you to lift as you climb by encouraging others to tag alongside our journey.