Rent This Space

Are you a Personal Trainer, Yoga teacher or a Wellness Professional looking for a clean ready to use space that's fully equipped to grow your business? 

This might be your opportunity to give it a try! No overhead... and the opportunity to pick the brain of flourishing CEO's brain...Why not?

Space Rentals begins as low as $40 an hr plus a refundable key deposit. 

We even offer bulk discounts should you choose a commitment of 3-months or more of space rentals.  The more you time you rent, the less you pay. 

Not looking to rent time but what something you can have access to whenever you want? We hear you. No problem.

We also offer a flat-rate fee with unlimited usage.

Shoot us an email at to schedule a time to see the space and begin booking.  

Sending business growth vibes your waaaaaaaay! 



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A trial class comes with this sweet deal!