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Here at The New Body Project, before a membership can be obtained, we REQUIRE a consultation. This is a process that entails getting to know one another. Because our family is small, we want everyone to come in with a community mindset. During the consultation, you'll be asked a few questions and have an organic conversation about your goals, followed by devising the best action plan to helping you achieve them. Your body fat, body weight, and body age measurements are taken so we can begin tracking your progress.


You will also receive a free fitness trial class where you can get the feel of the community, understand the structure of the classes, and determine if we are the right fit for your fitness goals. 

Bridal Bootcamp

Online Training

6-week Challenge

21 Day Jumpstart

You've heard all about The New Body Project but don't live close by?  Are you always traveling for work? Or is your schedule super jam-packed and you want to workout but understand you need to be held accountable? 

We totally get it!  You want to do things at your own pace.  Our online training programs will offer you the benefits of customizing your workouts at your own schedule & pace. Our programs will provide you with the necessary tools needed for your success. Our program encourages transformative results through mindset coaching, custom meal plans, nutrition guidance, workout plans and lastly accountability. 

Here's what this program will provide you:

  • ​Weekly workouts 

  • Nutrition Guidance/Meal Plans.

  • Protein Shakes. -Vegan, Non-Dairy, Gluten-free options are available.

  • Vitamins

  • Weekly accountability calls to keep you motivated and encouraged.  

  • Access to expert advice, anytime and anywhere.

  • Local Online Training Member Bonuses


Want something a little more customized specifically for your needs and wants? We've got you covered!  Click this button below and schedule a call with an expert to create a program just for you.


Did you know it takes 21 days to form a habit? It’s true! With 21 Days of UNLIMITED CONSECUTIVE group training, you can access any class on the schedule as many times as you want for 21 Consecutive Days. Listen, if you want to train 3 times a day or 3 times a week, the choice is yours!

All memberships at The New Body Project are coupled with a 6 Month Tuition Auto-Draft Commitment designed to help you reach and maintain your goals. We want to help you make this a lifestyle change.

At The New Body Project, we wholeheartedly believe in making real lifestyle changes. The key to getting into shape or losing weight is NOT just about diet and exercise. I know it sounds crazy and goes against everything you've probably ever heard, but it's definitely REAL information.  A paradigm shift in your lifestyle will occur when you come to The New Body Project. You’ll no longer see fitness as something you’ve been afraid of or hate to do. You’ll see it as apart of life and most importantly fun! And while we will track your progress; we don't want the number on the scale to be your obsession- let's focus on HOW YOU FEEL! Can you go up and down the subway stairs without feeling like your about to die? Can you keep up with your dog in Prospect Park? Or lastly, is that beautiful baby getting older and your trips to the park feels more like a chore than fun?


Let's measure your success through REAL LIFE ACTIONS. Because the key to your success is all about COMMUNITY! 


Here's what this program will provide you:




97% of Jumpstarters transition from a  21 Day to a Full membership with tuition rates beginning as low as $149 a month.




Interested in getting into a fitness routine that will kickstart your goals?  With this 6 Week Challenge, you can begin at ANYTIME, your results will be tracked from the start to finish. A clear strategy for achieving your results will be outlined and lastly, inlisting accountability via in-house training will assist you in becoming the better version of you.

Here's what this program will provide you:


  • 6 Weeks of Unlimited Consecutive Small Group H.I.I.T Training & Yoga Classes in our Studio (4 Sessions minimum per week)

  • Physical Therapy-Evaluation

  • Protein shakes and vitamins

  • Meals Delivered (optional)

  • Meal Plan 

  • Recipes

  • Trackable Results

  • Bi-Weekly Measurements

  • Bi-Weekly Phone Call Check-ins

  • 24/7 Online Support Group

  • Accountability

Coming Soon

CONGRATULATIONS! Someone is getting married. The joy has now turned to STRESS because you're concerned about how you want to look on your special day. Don't fret, we've got you covered!

Here's what you will get:

EVERYTHING that comes with the 6 Week Challenge

We will document your journey on film.

And lastly, hook you up with a deep discount to work with some of New York's TOP Female wedding planners, caterers, florists & photographers for your big day.


Hey, we will even take it to step further and connect you with the states TOP Female Relator to help you get into your dream home at the best deal.

Coming Soon